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Going on an internet search for the highest quality dog foods has been a much larger project than I originally imagined. I decided to start trying different dog foods following the ongoing concerns with the standard of dog foods and since our male Border Collie, Rodeo struggles with gut problems and has joint difficulties. I wished to make my own determinations on safety and quality on almost any dog food I choose to feed my loving pups Rodeo and Maddie and naturally they were fairly sure they should have a say too.
It’s probably worth mentioning that I’ve been in the dog industry for over twenty years so that I did have a pretty good idea about what I was looking for at a dog food.

But, I was shocked at the lax regulations within the dog food industry. It’s so easy for a food company to manipulate the information they put on the outside of the food package and then call it wholesome.


Dog Food : Dog Food For Allergies

I was even more surprised to discover that a number of the so called quality foods that you would pay a hefty cost for from the discount shops are actually not what they make themselves out to be! |} That leads me to my very first huge suggestion, throwing cash at a high priced dog food doesn’t make it a very best quality dog food.

I started by properly learning how to read a dog food label. |} There are many tricks and frankly deceptive practices which make it a priority to learn how to read a tag. Here’s a shortened version of the process that will help you get started. The first set of labeling rules comes in the FDA and must record the following information:

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The next agency that may be policing your pet food is the AAFCO or the Association of American Feed Control Officials. |} AAFCO isn’t a government agency such as the FDA, rather its members are made up of state and federal workers from various agencies and employees from pet food companies. They have added rules and tag regulations in addition to the FDA regulations for pet foods.

However, dog food regulations vary from state to state rather than all states agree to AAFCO regulations.

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It is notable that AAFCO statements simply appear on commercial pet foods, so the organic diets and homemade diets can’t be compared using these standards.
With the dog food companies using adorable packaging with cute and catchy titles, it is simple for them to imply that their food is produced out of good stuff and your dog’s will love it. When in truth, they are hiding the poor quality of the food behind fancy advertising techniques. It is normal for us as consumers to gravitate toward the attractive packaging, which is the reason why it’s crucial that you learn how to read the tag.

Confused already?

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|} Let me explain what I mean when I refer to some companies hiding the poor quality of their dog food. For starters, it is completely possible that you can buy a beef dog food that may not really contain any beef! The issue lies with the regulations and rules permitting the organizations to hide poor food ingredients behind wording spin and with concealed meanings.

Listed below are a few of the announcements that are used on food labels that can be misleading:

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Together with the misleading phrases above, there are a number of other dog tag statements you will need to be wary of: Natural Food, Organic Food, Gourmet Food & Premium Food – A puppy food can declare”Organic” but it may not necessarily be 100% organic. |} You should also look for artificial flavours, carbs, antioxidants as potential misleading ingredients and all of them differ between manufacturers and product lines.


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In addition, it is important to point out that components are listed by weight however they are listed before they undergo any processing. This provides producers another way to pad their label. By recording the weight of the meat in it is hydrated condition, it’s going to make it higher up on the label than the exact same ingredient after going through the dehydration process. To put it differently, the label is giving you the amount before processing in it’s original form, not exactly what you are actually getting after all of the moisture is removed during processing.

Watch for inferior ingredients which were split. For example, rather than using a whole grain like rice, the manufacturer divides the grain to some lesser merchandise like rice bran and rice .

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All these are far inferior products

So now you have a fantastic idea of what to not include in your best high quality dog foods so what rules should you follow when picking a safe food?
As soon as you know what to search for it’s time to start sampling foods. There are tons of companies offering free samples, so if you are interested in particular brands, give the company a call and usually they are glad to send out samples to a new potential client.


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Remember that every dog is unique and no one food is best for each dog. While I think discussing your pet’s diet with your vet is almost always a fantastic idea, I am a huge fan of you, as a pet parent being the one to make those choices with your dog. Why? You understand your dog better than anyone and you are the one to notice those little nuances like when they are not feeling well, or if they are hurt etc.. So you will also be the one to learn whether your dog likes or dislikes a brand new pet food and whether the new food disagrees with your pet.

Maintain a journal of everything you fed your dog and how they enjoyed it and when they had any issues. Wait a couple of days between switching foods or you will have a dog with a big tummy ache and also you won’t receive an accurate read on whether or not they enjoyed each food and how it agreed with them.

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Don’t let yourself become intimidated in this procedure. This is about you creating a life long healthy finest quality food choice for your dog that is directly associated with their daily health and their life span. Utilize forums, ask a vet online, your personal vet, a friend or you’re always welcome to contact me through a few of my contact forms.

As a pet parent, I want to highlight the importance of picking quality ingredients. Maddie and Rodeo are sure that it surely must taste good! Consider any additional personal health needs that your dog may have and get started choosing a best quality puppy food!

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