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Dog Training – Wonderful Dog Tricks

Okay, who does not love to watch movies with dogs that are well trained? These dogs do cool dog tricks that are far beyond the basic dog training. Is it truly possible for your typical Tina to learn beyond dog obedience training?

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Good news! A rescued dog can surely learn these adorable and simple puppy tricks. I will show you how to get your puppy to wave, play dead, dance, and crawl. These are actually easy tricks to teach dogs.

Hasil gambar untuk teach dog

How To Teach Dog Aggression

Before you begin instructing Tina to perform dog tricks for entertainment purposes, it is vital for her to have mastered all the basic dog obedience commands. These include sit, down, stay, heel (left and right), come, in addition to a sit, down, or stay, and all orders done off leash. The dog must also be able to handle distractions.

Hasil gambar untuk teach dog

Let us begin with revealing Tina the way to”shake,” that follows with a wave session next. Place her paw in your hand and tell her shake. This can be accomplished by tickling the nose – with a feather. In the beginning he will snap it, and under ordinary circumstances, many dogs will begin to sneeze; he will not enjoy the feather very well and in course of time his imagination will foreshadow its consequences and he will begin to sneeze as soon as it is pointed in near proximity to his nose. If he sneezes, use a command such as”Sneeze”, to connect with this suggestion. As usual, praise and treat when he gets it .
By repeating this operation at odd times the dog can be taught to sneeze very creditably once you point your finger in his nose and give him the term”Sneeze,” and eventually can do this simply at command.

This trick can be entertaining and fun but not readily achievable especially with dominant dogs. If your dog get irritated and become aggressive toward you when you tickle his nose, then you should quit training instantly.


How To Teach Dog Down

Bringing His Tail

During play, dogs often grasp their tails in their mouths. In case you haven’t notice, should you take good care of your puppy tail whilst playing him, he’ll likely grab your hands, but in the event that you skillfully slip his tail in his mouth he’ll grab it – Interesting!
These facts suggested the trick of”yanking his tail.” It’s a rather difficult feat to accomplish, but it is possible for any amateur to teach it to his dog providing the dog has a long enough tail along with the coach adequate patience – Sorry to puppy owners with short tails!

Anyway, this trick is very funny, for when the puppy has his tail in his mouth that he could only progress crab-fashion or with a propensity to move around in a circle without creating considerably progress.

Hasil gambar untuk teach dog

The very first step in educating this suggestion is to praise the puppy when he gets his tail in his mouth, and afterwards he has held it for a few minutes bid him to go and reward him.

If he give up his grip before you order him to do so, speak harshly to him and start all over again. If he learns to hold his tail until ordered to relinquish it the first part of the trick was educated, and you may begin to teach him to bring it for you.


How To Teach Your Dog Drop It



To do this, step back a couple feet from the dog in the direction he could most easily progress, and phone him.

If he releases his hold of his tail to come to you, ignore him and replace the tail into his mouth , but when he comes without letting go he should be rewarded gradually increase the space you require him to carry his tail, but this job is so difficult that he shouldn’t be requested to go over ten or twelve feet.

Hasil gambar untuk teach dog

In beginning the trick, when you put his tail in his mouth say”Bring me your tail,” in order to accustom him to the command. |} In time you will not need to put his tail in his mouth, but only hold it for him to grasp, and after still further training he will grab it at the word without your helping him.

Enjoy training your dog new tricks, and most importantly enjoy the process and have a great deal of fun and laughter! |}

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